Saturday, December 18, 2010

1/3 Living - Laughter

This past week has been difficult. 
I'm saying goodbye to a lifetime of "clocking in".  Of being confined in an office setting.
A fellow co-worker, who has long since passed away, said it best...
"We're bureaucratic moles..."
We arrive to the office at dark, we leave at dark. 
Doesn't leave much of a life.

I'm retiring from State employment.
From determining who's eligible for this and that...

The obligatory party is over.  Congrats are said. 
Now the reality begins.

Upon arriving home Friday night from yet another party, it struck me.  
I've been hiding under the guise of work.
Of being too busy to be "me".

But that comes to an end.  Here and now.
No more excuses. 
No more looking in on life, but being too busy to participate.
No more "Weekend Warrior".

The time is near.  I'll soon be cut loose.
I'll be home. 
I'll be plugged in.

After arriving home Friday night, teeming with emotion,
I trudged through the snow up to the Wee House, carrying a festive gift bag, 
to open in the quiet of the night by the glow of the firelight.
It was from my dear friend, Mo.
Mo and I have a common bond. 
Upon peeling back the tissue, I see she has given me a plaque, with a card to match.
Laugh until it Hurts.
Smiling, I placed it on the shelf over my computer to view daily in the coming years.
Laughter - it must be a component of my daily routine.
It won't be difficult, as my life partner and husband, Russ, is firmly rooted in laughter.
I hope it's not too late for me to get it back...seeing the joy in everything.
This new 1/3 Living is going to be tough, in so many ways,
but the joys and freedom it will bring should produce one sure crop. 
And we plan to Laugh until it Hurts.

Stay tuned as we explore the ways to live on little, but have more. 
Project "Less is More" is about to kick in on 1/3 Living.


Farmchick said...

Best wishes to you on this new phase of your life.

Edgar said...

What a wonderful and happy accident that I found your blog! I was on the tumbleweed tiny homes facebook page and on a whim clicked on the photo of your home. Eventually I found my way here.

When I read this post I literally sat here in my squeaky little chair and cheered you on! I wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful new phase of freedom.

Perhaps this post resonates with me so much because, after 15 years in small business America, I have decided to close up shop and radically simplify my life. My last day of work is June 1st, 2011.

When people ask me why, I simply tell them 'because it is time.' That is only a partial truth. In all honesty I feel that I've given so much of myself that all that remains is a callous and cynical shell. That is why I'm checking out of the race to be successful and worldly and moving on to a life of just being.

Enough from me! I'm happy to have stumbled upon a blog full of animals, snow and simple faithful ways. I look forward to reading more!

Sherry Sutherby said...

A sincere thanks to you, FC.

Edgar ~ I'm truly honored by your words. How nice it will be that we can experience these things with others in a like-minded way. I wish YOU the best as you move toward that change in June. You'll be going through a roller-coaster of emotion. Hang on, as your ride will be a wild one. But oh, so worth it. Don't doubt it. Don't doubt yourself. Make it happen. Stay tuned and we'll figure this out together! ;)