Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silent Night...Holy Night

I love simple.
Sun, rain, snow, wind.
So it stands to reason I love being in my little hide-a-way. 

The Wee House.

I love the end of the night, when I turn off the computer, unscrew my reading lamp's lightbulb (the on/off chain fell off months ago), and dive into total darkness.

However, the darkness doesn't last but a few blinks of the eye...
because the world outside enters through the windows and fills the Wee with wonder.

Still, calm, and silent. 
The quiet of the night invites the Lord. 
Pure peace. 

Silent night.
I hear Zip let out a sigh, and resume her gentle breathing. 

The moonlit night filling the Wee joins hands with the flicker of the wood stove's hot fire,
dancing a jig of amber reflections through the glass stove door.
It fills the night with natural light, one that makes me smile with joy.

Holy night.
Sweet wood aroma fills my small nest. 
I can see snow resting on the tree limbs outside.
It's a good feeling to know all the animals are warm in their sleeping quarters.
And so are we. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace...


Barbara said...

Beautiful, calming music and I love the reading of today's news letter. Bless You & yours,

Jane said...

Beatufiul. I love the pictures and the music. So very peaceful looking. Hope that you are well and warm,


Farmchick said...

Such a nice post. Living in the country is the best. Love the header photo.