Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Deed for the Day

Over the weekend, I had noticed one of the wild turkeys didn't quite trot the same due to a perfectly tied "bow" on his right leg.  There was a sash made from the top of a feeding bag that had somehow looped and fastened to its leg. 

I had wondered if he could "shake it off". 

However, I had failed to mention it to Russ. 

It seems I didn't have to, because he noticed on his own.

Yesterday, Russ made a snare and patiently waited for the big fella to step in.

Once he did, there was some squawkin', but Russ got the sash untied and rescued the bird's leg from a painful bondage.

Russ said "He thought he was a gonner..but settled down eventually and was grateful for his freedom once I could get the tight tie cut off..."

Small task, with a big outcome ~ a wild turkey who knows the hands of kindness.


Mumsie said...

That says a lot about the character of a man...he's a keeper for sure! ;o) Blessings!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you Caryl, I agree. ;) Blessings to you also.