Sunday, December 12, 2010

Running Dogs Daily

Mushers are nodding their heads.  All knowing.

Non-mushers may be scratching their heads.

What does Running Dogs Daily actually mean?

For us, it means we have switched from Horse training...

To dog training.

And getting settled into the rhythm of the winter months.

Of play, and work.

Hauling provisions for our wood stoves.

And just enjoying the day with our furried friends.

We hope you are getting your winter rhythms set also...


Sue said...

Nice photos! I especially like the one of the horse watching the rider! Looks like he's saying "hey, when is it MY turn?"!

Enjoy the fresh snow (hope these winds stop soon!)

Farmchick said...

We are trying to get settled into this cold weather. Much colder temps than we usually have. We have quite a bit of wood stocked for the winter. Always nice to have the wood stove to sit by.