Monday, March 7, 2011

March Mushing Madness

Even though our last official tour ended on Saturday,
we are still "all things dog".

We still have snow.  And we have a kennel full of dogs who love it.

As Iditarod plays out this week,
my mind wanders back to when the current 4-in-a-row Champion was at our place,
back in September of 2008,
during a full moon. 

4-time (back to back) Yukon Quest Champ.  4-time (back to back) Iditarod Champ. 
Making history on the back of a dog sled.

Folks were excited to meet him here, at Russ-Stick Acres.

For me, meeting this legend was a dream come true.
And what a wonderful way to do so, surrounded by like-minded folks.

We had door prizes galore, provided graciously by nearly every mushing-related company.
Many folks, over 100, went home with a prize under their arm.

We had singing. 

Horse-drawn transportation.

And happy participants, despite the rainy weather.

People were excited to meet Lance. 

The legend.

He's such a humble man, and kind to all, young and old. 
He "engages" with you.

Sometimes now, when I walk the property
and visit our Bear's Den cabin where Lance and his wife Tonya stayed,
it's hard to believe they were here for 4 days.
It seems like a dream...

...that he followed the trail to our little place in Michigan.

This video says it all. 
Catch the March Mushing may just see history in the making.

Until tomorrow, God willing.

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