Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Shoes

Guess which "boy" is getting new shoes?

I'll give you a's the teenager of the bunch.

Earlier in the week, our farrier, Bruce, came out to trim our 3 horses. 

Raz, Nauish and Buck.

It was windy and cold, and the horses wanted to cuddle.

Bruce comes on a regular basis, scheduled every 6 weeks.

Perhaps I should have told Russ he had a nibbler behind him...
no surprise...
Nauish is so tactile.

  We knew Buck, who is getting into his late teens,
might be ready for his first set of shoes.

He was...

So, the teenager is going to get new shoes for spring trompin'...

 I bet he'll make sure everyone knows he's special ~ he always does.

See how Nauish ("Now-eesh", our black Mustang) 
behaved in the early days with it

That youngster has come a long way...

Until tomorrow, God willing, and wonderful.

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