Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing the Trapper

When this land was first purchased, it was bare.

No buildings.  Nada.

But through the past decade, life has sprung forth. 

Cabin, Old Mill/New Mill, Barn, Bunk House, Bear's Den, the list goes on...

We have several little unique buildings here on our "40".

This one is called the Trapper.

Built by Russ, using our trees.

Just because...

I love the unique door.

Made with love, by loving hands.

Hands that connect with wood.

It's a joyful place to linger, rest or read.

A peep hole (handcrafted by friend and woodmaster Danny Dann) to the surrounding forest.

We love what the trees provide for us.

Lumber, syrup, shade, warmth, wisdom.

Until tomorrow, God willing.


OurCrazyFarm said...

I had to check out your cabin page~ I am so inspired! Someday (Lord willing:) I hope to build a little cabin out back on our 40. We have a designated area that the kids and I have been building into a little camp sight from salvaged lumber. Our building skills are hidden out there:)) We have built an outhouse and a horse corral and have enjoyed many picnics, walks and horse rides out back. This post makes me want to get working on that cabin!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Such a treasure to have a hide-a-way...:) Our "Bear's Den" cabin has an outhouse, and is pending a horse corral. Are you sure we aren't related...? :)