Saturday, March 6, 2010

First-Time Heifer

In the time it took us to down some beef BBQ sandwiches,
onion rings and a couple hot fudge sundaes at the local Dairy Queen...

Our gal gave birth.

Upon arriving home Thursday night from our local culinary "hot spot" we expected a quiet evening.

Having already eaten dinner, we felt like we were one notch ahead in our chore list.

Not so...

We pulled up to the cabin,
opened the doors of the truck and heard the last grunting cow call.


I looked at Russ, he looked at me, and we knew.

We had a cow in labor.  Duchess...

I ran to the barn, Russ went to get a flashlight.

I looked hard through pending darkness, squinting. 

In the shadowed stall I see...


 ...and a little one standing near her legs.

You can imagine my excitement to see Duchess had just delivered!!

In the time it took to have a lingering meal, nine months of waiting was over for this Mama.

Russ and the flashlight confirmed what I thought I saw.

A happy, hovering Mama and a wet new baby.

We were overcome with joy, as Duchess delivered effortlessly.

First-time heifers ~ you just never know.

But we are now 3-0 in the delivery business and hope to stay that way.
Every delivery has been stress free and healthy for both Mama's and babies.

What followed was like a manger scene.

All the other animals circled around to greet the new little calf, in their respective stalls.


Russ towel dried Kobe off, shook out a fresh bale of hay for additional bedding, put up a gate to assure Kobe wouldn't take a stroll in the snow, and finally...
and most importantly, made sure Kobe knew which end the milk came from.

And then we let Mama take it from there.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing and wonderful,


Amy said...

He's gorgeous! I can't wait to see him!

Montanagirl said...

Oh he's so cute. Another new beginning - spring is just around the corner!

small farm girl said...

Nothing better than a new born calf. Congratulations!