Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meal from the Land

Last night was a meal from the land.

Russ put up over 4 gallons of the first batch of Maple Syrup.

With more to come~!

The event was celebrated with pancakes (with our berries tossed in),
our maple syrup and maple sausage links from our pork.

Every bite brought back memories of our berry picking days this past fall.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


Mrs. T said...

What a good "helper" your little goat is!

It's such a satisfaction to be able to provide a meal from your own land. My "land" is just a backyard, but I grow as much as I can. I'm still eating raspberries that I froze from our berry patch last year.

I love reading your blog and especially enjoy the beautiful photos of your animals (smile).

Mrs. T

Connie said...

What a wonderful feeling! I love goodies like that. Your little goat is so cute!

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

Thanks Mrs. T and Connie ~ yes, our little goat, Rachael is quite a gal. Behaves wonderfully and really listens.

There is something so basic and good about eating from your own food source, whether it already existed on your property or you planted it. I would bet if more folks knew the contentment it brought, there would be an exodus to the local farm store for seeds and starters!

Thank you for the nice words.

Anonymous said...


Is it possible for you to send me more pictures of the cooker you made the maple syrup in? We should make something like that. We just used a 7 gal. pot over the open fire & it took FOREVER!! Thanks!

Maggie Heilmann