Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st

I awakened to a beautiful sunrise...only to find my camera in another cabin where I left it last night, hanging from its Nikon neck strap on a large nail. The sky is a blaze of bright red in the East, cascading a warm pink glow to the North, South, and West, providing the tree line with a colorful silhouette.  I could not get to my camera in time to record the glory.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be prepared for His beauty laid out before me.

It's March 1st.  We're into the home stretch.

I hate to see winter end...

But, for us, for how we live, it will bring relief.

Even so, I do not want it to end.

Tonight, I will race home from work so we can run the dogs.

A week-night celebration of sorts.

And a bittersweet reminder of what we will lose, once the snow goes.

Until tomorrow ~ may your March 1st be blissful ~ God willing,

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