Friday, March 19, 2010

Otis and Aunt Bee

Our new little boar, Otis, is here.

And he's smiling about it...


Because if you look in the crate behind him, I also got him a playmate and partner.

Aunt Bee.

(I don't think we will ever have a Barney...he'd be too skinny for a pig.)

They had a grand time last night checking out their new digs.  (Literally)

And then upon checking at bedtime, they were tucked deep in the hay, spooning.

I look forward to springtime with our new "babies".

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


Connie said...

They are as cute as I knew they would be!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the names you picked. Maybe they'll give birth to an "Opie"!