Thursday, March 4, 2010

Small Town Theatre

Having a filmmaker son,
I keep my eyes and ears open about good, no, great films coming our way. 
Not that we go to the movies ~ we haven't been in 9 years now. 
But I like to have hope about the future of our youth. 
Hope that Good overcomes Evil.

Romans 12:21  Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

So you can imagine how happy I was to find a film where Good (and God) would reign.

Upon getting our mail at the little Post Office on Monday,
I noticed big doin's in our one-stoplight town.

I thought it might be a lingering of "full moon" activity.

But the next morning, Russ,
while chatting at the local feed store picking up an order,
found out it was much more.

We have a movie being made in the area.

Neighboring Charlevoix, to be exact.

And a scene was being shot in Mancelona...

Click HERE.

Creator, John Grooters states the Why behind the film: 

The challenge for boys in today's world is greater than ever. Boys have too few positive role models and far too many negative examples of masculinity. One of the many recent publications on the topic is Dr. Leonard Sax's book entitled Boys Adrift, which focuses on the disturbing social and biological factors that have created a "toxic environment for our boys." And where are the role models? Less than 50% of boys today are raised with their own father in the house.

Our entertainment industry is not helping. In recent years it seems we've seen an increase of movies and shows that focus on "girl power" themes - but we've left precious little of value for the boys. Where among the violent video games, sexploitative rap stars and comically inept do-nothing television dads are our sons supposed to find their inspiration? Home, church, coaches - of course. But wouldn't it be nice if there were top-rate movies that fathers and sons, mentors and students could enjoy together - movies that feature positive male role models and biblical values?

All this makes The Frontier Boys more than just entertainment, it makes it necessary. The Frontier Boys will stand out in counter balance to these trends, and will present strong and faithful men as mentors, and engaged active boys as heroes. There really is a lot at stake.

Movies are the big talk in Michigan, with the film incentives driving the flow. 

But even before the promise of incentives,
 film crews would flock to northern lower Michigan.

My son, Charlie (on the right), and his business partner, Bub (yes, Bub...not Bob)
brought their film crew from California to Michigan in 2006.  

Local film talent, such as Rich Brauer, also joined in.

They perched themselves in Boyne Falls, and proceeded to make

Knowing they continue to impact the film industry in the West gives me hope.

Hope for solid growth of good messages,
and strong values to remain firmly planted in today's minds.

So our youth will have a good trail to follow.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,

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