Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cabin Kittens

Wednesday we adopted two kittens from the local Animal Control.

Two females.

One was older ~ a teenager kitten.

And one was teeny tiny.

We've had cats before...


And in the barn, and all around.

But they loved the outdoors.

These two new little gals are going to stay in the cabin for a while. 

Not only to keep them safe, but to also let them know their real job lies within.

Based on last night's antics, they will quickly transform into beautiful mousers,
keeping the little critters (Mus musculus) from getting too comfortable as the cold winds start to blow and entice them into the warmth of our cabin interior. 

Pictures of the little darlings (kittens, not mice) will follow...

1 comment:

Terry said...

Yeah for the new mousers! My house cats haven't snagged a mouse yet. I think they are too fat and happy.

The barn cats have a much better record. Altho they don't do as much hunting as they did before their partner in crime (my BC/Aussie X Kelsey)passed in Jan.