Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Summer Kitchen

Right around the 4th of July, I decided I had suffered enough.

It always started in the spring...I hated coming home from being in an office all day,
only to go into a dark cabin to begin fixing dinner.

Mentally, I couldn't do it.  Which meant, physically I couldn't do it. 

Even though, most nights, Russ is the one who grills our meal, I didn't want to be inside making the accompanying dishes.

He was outside...I was inside.

Truth is, I envied those old-timer crusty men who were the cooks
(tagged with the name "Cookie")
on wagon in the open air.

Or those camping in the summer for extended periods. 

So...I looked for an alternative.

And found one that worked for us.

The Snak Shak

It was perfect. 

We were now both together ~ both outside.

So, ever since, every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) has been fixed in the comfort of our little building.

It's perfect.

Complete with stained glass windows.

On hiatis from our "event" days, where all that came through the window were brats, hamburgs and the like.

We've had some amazing meals...

or is it...

...everything just tastes better prepared outdoors, eaten outdoors.

I'll let you decide.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,

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