Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Magnificent Seven ~ New Life on the Farm

While I was downstate visiting the Amish on Saturday,
big things were happening at home. 
Before I left, it appeared our gilt Reba was in the beginning stages of labor, right on time, for her first litter of piglets.

Since I don't carry a cell phone, the news of the new arrivals came upon my return in the evening.

Russ announced ~ we have 7~!

Mother and babies are doing very well.

Good Job REBA~! 

She's a good Mama...she's very careful where she lays her huge frame, so as not to crush the babies. 
She's also protective and caring. 

Animals amaze me with their dedication to their offspring. 
We humans could take note.
Papa, Johnny Paycheck agrees...

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Walter Jeffries said...

She and the piglets look great. It is amazing how they will fill out in just a few days going from such scrawny things at birth to rounded, rolly-polly piglets very soon.