Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cowboy Mounted Shooting - Horses/Firearms/FUN

Fast horses?

We got 'em.

Need to know more about firearms?

We provide, on our farm, training on gun safety.
June 11th/12th

Check it out ~ the exciting, fast-growing equestrian sport.

Ten balloon targets.

2 six guns.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

You'll want to turn off the soothing music on Playlist, to hear about this amazing sport!


Farmchick said...

My son and husband participate in shooting sports, but not this one. Pretty cool!

Rain said...

Very nice!!--my husband does the cowboy fast draw-but him riding while doing that would really give me a chuckle!! Do you do the riding and shooting?

Sherry Sutherby said...

You should show him the video Rain...:) No riding and shooting here...yet. Although this may just get on the "to do" list!! Hubby would be the one ~ I'll blow up the balloons. :) I'll keep everyone posted.

Changes in the wind said...

Small world they say...Know Annie personally, my husband is her gunsmith and He does cowboy fast draw as Rain mentioned as well as SASS shooting. Love watching the mounted shooting.

Sherry Sutherby said... kidding it's a small world! Thank you for sharing about knowing Annie and your husband's talents. We look forward to following the Cowboy M. Shooting world from this point on.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That sounds like an adventure for sure.
Firearms and firearms safety all important knowledge to have in this day and age.
I was just thinking the other day-- do you think gas prices would get so high that we'd be seeing people resort to horses and buggies again...almost like we're going backward in time!

love the picture of your horse!
from the FG hop, Pat

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thanks Pat ~ Yes, it's truly our goal to be dependent on horse power (buggy) and dog power (we have sled dogs). We'll be covered for both summer and winter~! :) My husband has actually taken both dogs and horses to town...the dog team ran some errands, including picking up animal feed/hardware store, etc.. :) Thanks for stopping by ~ come back soon ~!