Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beaverton = Buggy Travel

It should come as no surprise to anyone traveling the roads of Beaverton, MI to see a horse and buggy.

All the signs are there.  It's a sleepy little country town.

And folks expect to see various forms of travel by horse, due to the density of Amish folk in the area.

Years ago, many Amish fought putting the large orange/red slow moving signs on their buggies.

Some would choose to move to other locations, than comply.

Valentine's Day, nearing midnight, two Amish men in my favorite "Amish Country" were hit by a truck.

Their horse was killed.

The driver of the pick-up was said to be intoxicated.

No sign of any kind will help you in that situation.

It's something that weighs on my mind, as we get our horses ready for wagon work this spring, like my friends, Homemaker Ang and Gentle Giant, whose horse is pictured here.

And I pray for all others, who travel by horse power, to be safe and sound.

I also pray for the two Amish men, one seriously injured, as they recover from their horrific accident.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing and watching over the Plain People,
and those who like to take life slow,


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