Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Chickens

Although I love the winter, and don't want the snow to go...I miss seeing my chickens mill about, beyond the coop gate. 

Spring means warm sunshine, flowing sap, and chickens bursting out of their winter pen into the dormant fields and woods, on their daily scavenger hunt. 

Our rooster "Tony D" (DiNozzo from NCIS) keeps his flock close, always watchful.

Always caring for the girls.

Always on duty.

He's a good rooster.  Not aggressive in the least.

And so beautiful to look at...especially those green tail feathers he touts so proudly.

He always lets his girls eat first.  He calls them all to his side if he finds a bug or two, and makes sure they are well taken care of.

If one of the hens calls out, he races to her, shouting out warnings until he arrives at her side.

I know there are some folks who don't care for roosters.
I can't relate to those folks.

Besides having a built-in alarm clock, you deprive the hens from having what is natural...a male protector...

...who would truly be willing to give his own life to save one of his girls.  I've seen him try.

After all, we can all use a strong male presence in our lives. 

I thank God daily for mine...

Until tomorrow ~ God willing and always providing,



Terry said...

I think one of the best parts of roosters are when they are teenagers and their voice changes. Reminds me of a now 35 year old who graced my life as a teenager with a crackling voice.

melanie said...

Wait till I tell my daughter - who loves ALL things chicken, AND NCIS - that you named your rooster after DiNozzo! What a great name...

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

Yes Terry, roosters learning to crow are so endearing!

Melanie ~ You'll have to tell your daughter we also had a "Gibbs". ;) He was head rooster for quite some time, and then when he passed, DiNozzo took over.