Monday, February 1, 2010

The Speed of Dog

In our world, in our tiny corner of the Maple grove, just outside of Mancelona, we like things slow.  Actually, the slower, the better.  Perhaps because we like to see all that is around us.  The daily changes.  The ebb and flow. 

We slow our life down to the speed of dog.  We like to have our dogs assist in such chores as hauling wood.

And to do those tasks, you have to teach and acquire patience.

No screaming to rush to the finish line.

Actually, you have time to get downright comfortable.

And wait for the "Boss man" to tell you when it's time to get back on the trail.

But like any chore, the between time is when the fun begins...

And just for one quick second, you (and the dogs who have raced...) remember those races you used to participate in...

Side Bar:  For anyone who thinks Rustic Russ' hair is getting a tad long, he's doing his "spring" cut tomorrow.  A little early, but he's heading to the Livestock Auction on Wednesday afternoon to purchase a pig, and is getting spruced up for the big day.  (Shhh...don't tell him I told you.)

Until tomorrow ~ Groundhog Day (Click HERE)...and God willing,


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